Buffalo gets his vest


And he also got a kitty cat too! Good to see a fellow Princess looking sharp while sporting the colors.


Original designs for Bones suit

As seen on a brown paper bag.

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Possibly the coolest shoes I’ve ever owned.

Normally I’m not into colab shoes or pro models, but these are fucking RAD! Continue reading

Episode 19: Latest and Greatest

This is by far the best video that Landyachtz has put out so far. I’m pretty stoked to be a part of this rad collection of skaters/people. Continue reading

Them Thangs

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Short video from Colorado

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Eh Team visits P-town

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I found this really awesome music blog recently and have spent a lot of time downloading stuff from it. Continue reading

PP Squad FTW!

Our crew is slowly growing…

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Videos! Videos! Videos!

Before Casey left town he threw together a bunch of videos. Most of this is footage from this summer (when the weather was nice out) so don’t be surprised when you see us skating around in a tshirt and short-shorts.

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