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Orcas Island

For years I’ve been wanting to go and check out the skatepark on the mystical Orcas Island. My desire to go to the island only increased when I heard there was a rad hill too. Thanks to Landyachtz, this trip happened last summer.

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Final Midwest Tour Video

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 9.55.28 AM

I just realized that I hadn’t posted this one up yet. Better late than never. Continue reading

More Midwest Shenanigans/Tomfoolery


Here are the two most recent videos from the Landyachtz Tour. The second video marks the end of the trip for me. Good times with the Eh Team. Continue reading

Midwest Tour Part 3: Skatopia

One of the stops we made while in Ohio was at the legendary Skatopia. I’ve known about this place for years, heard many things and had always been interested to check it out for myself. Finally, I got the chance. Continue reading

Midwest Tour Part 2


Here we are with the second batch of photos from my crazy/fun/epic/hectic Midwest Tour. Continue reading

Midwest Tour Part 1

Not too long ago I finished a 2+ week tour with Landyachtz through the Midwest. LY is documenting the trip through social media sites and videos. The first video is pretty rad and I’m sure the rest will be equally good. But, inevitably, those videos will focus more on the skating/traveling and overlook some aspects of the trip that I found memorable. This is one reason why I wanted to make a point to document the trip and take tons of photos. So here is the first installation of photos from the Midwest Tour. Enjoy. Continue reading

Catalina Classic

Yes, I know. I’ve been slacking on this website pretty hard. There are several reasons but none of them that good. That’s a big reason why I decided to take tons of photos at Catalina so I’d actually have something to post about.

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