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More Midwest Shenanigans/Tomfoolery


Here are the two most recent videos from the Landyachtz Tour. The second video marks the end of the trip for me. Good times with the Eh Team. Continue reading


Midwest Tour Part 3: Skatopia

One of the stops we made while in Ohio was at the legendary Skatopia. I’ve known about this place for years, heard many things and had always been interested to check it out for myself. Finally, I got the chance. Continue reading

Midwest Tour Part 2


Here we are with the second batch of photos from my crazy/fun/epic/hectic Midwest Tour. Continue reading

Midwest Tour Part 1

Not too long ago I finished a 2+ week tour with Landyachtz through the Midwest. LY is documenting the trip through social media sites and videos. The first video is pretty rad and I’m sure the rest will be equally good. But, inevitably, those videos will focus more on the skating/traveling and overlook some aspects of the trip that I found memorable. This is one reason why I wanted to make a point to document the trip and take tons of photos. So here is the first installation of photos from the Midwest Tour. Enjoy. Continue reading

Them Thangs

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I found this really awesome music blog recently and have spent a lot of time downloading stuff from it. Continue reading

PP Squad FTW!

Our crew is slowly growing…

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Videos! Videos! Videos!

Before Casey left town he threw together a bunch of videos. Most of this is footage from this summer (when the weather was nice out) so don’t be surprised when you see us skating around in a tshirt and short-shorts.

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End of Summer Write-up.

I realize that I haven’t updated this blog in a while so I’m definitely long over due for an update. It appears that my last post was right after the Kelowna race. Oh man, lots of stuff has happened since then.

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Robots Galore.

For a while now, I’ve been really fascinated with the process of making a very simple (and cheap) robot suit and wearing it around town. Oringially this idea came from a website called Robot Frank. The website is a compilation of images and small write up’s to create a storyline for Robot Frank and Robot Ron. They have all kinds of fun/silly adventures involving gangs, ninjas and cats. All of my robot suits have been a variation of Robot Frank but have been bright orange in color. Here are some images:

Boyscout Camp, 2004. I was working as a climbing instructor and thought it would be funny to barge the Civil War reenactment dressed as Robot Billy. Almost lost my job...

Halloween, 2007. Me and my roommates all made Robot suits and wore them to the same Halloween party. Quite possibly the most fun I've ever had dancing.

Costume Party, 2009. Myself and Jon Huey wrestled for 20 minutes. The "Captain" from Captain & Tennille was the referee. We also went into the Metal show in the basement and got tossed around for 10 minutes. Rough night.

For my Art 470 class we had to come up with an idea for a Social Practice Project. I saw it as some kind of fun social experiment. Each student submitted an proposal for the project and mine was one of the eight chosen. Basically my idea was to create a small army of robots and have then escort students around campus. It was called Robot Escorts at first, but many people thought that implied something else. Eventually the name was changed to Robo Buddy(ies). I had an awesome group to work with and we ended up making eight robots (Robo Zeek, Dion, Magee, Jones, Tarabyt, Sunbot, and Tybot) for the project. The Robo Buddies went over very well with the students. It was a lot of fun to be sending off my small army of friendly robots to watch after PSU students. Luckily I had my girlfriend, Sarah, filming with Casey’s camera and my gopro camera mounted on Robo Jones. Here is the video that resulted from this experiement.