Midwest Tour Part 2


Here we are with the second batch of photos from my crazy/fun/epic/hectic Midwest Tour.

I took lots of photos of various skeleton/bones items and this was one of them. I forget the name of this bar but it was in Cleveland.

Same bar in Cleveland. More cool skeleton stuff.

My friend Pete ended up with a healthy amount of road rash after the outlaw race in East Lansing. That’s really gonna suck to put on deodorant…

We had so many stickers that we didn’t know what to do with them. Which means the game of “how many stickers can you get on Dillon’s back without him noticing” began.

We did a pretty good job.

We hung out with a group of gals who work/skate for Sun Valley Board Shop in Akron, OH. They ended up getting in a fight with some other girl and took her shoe. We took it back to the RV and put knives/stickers on it (as is customary in Ohio).

Nobody gets into this store without petting the cat.

There were many pretty sunsets that I tried to document with my iPhone. None of the photos really do justice to how pretty they were.

I don’t exactly remember why they were wrestling, but the end result was Nick ripping his boxers. He didn’t realize they were torn until he woke up the next morning and half of his ass was hanging out.

Athens, Ohio skatepark. Very fun place. The Kroger in Athens was also one of the nicest grocery stores I’ve ever been to. It was truly a privilege to shop there. Or maybe it just felt that way after being on the road for so long…

End of photos for Midwest Tour Part 2. The next round of photos will include pics from our stop in Skatopia. Check back in a few.


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