Midwest Tour Part 1

Not too long ago I finished a 2+ week tour with Landyachtz through the Midwest. LY is documenting the trip through social media sites and videos. The first video is pretty rad and I’m sure the rest will be equally good. But, inevitably, those videos will focus more on the skating/traveling and overlook some aspects of the trip that I found memorable. This is one reason why I wanted to make a point to document the trip and take tons of photos. So here is the first installation of photos from the Midwest Tour. Enjoy.

South Street Skate Shop. This was our first official stop on the tour and I was very impressed with this shop for various reasons. Their selection of boards was top notch, the visual aesthetics of the store were rad (tons of antique furniture) and the family that ran the shop was incredibly hospitable. They also owned a skate park down the road which they let us skate later that night.

Old shoes in the front window of South Street Skate Shop.

Loading up the RV with goodies.

My scab peeled off so we stickered it to the ceiling of the RV.

We ended up finding several wood cut-out-portrait-things (not too sure what they are called). This one was the first.

Wolf Eyes tag on mailbox.

The floor of the RV got gross pretty quick so it was very important to purchase a good pair of flip-flops/slippers. This was Nick’s choice.

Old church somewhere in Cleveland.

Another wood cut-out-portrait-thingy.

I already put this photo up on Instagram but I had to repost it. We ran into this little guy (Izzo) first thing in the morning. He’s a seeing-eye dog in training and was very sleepy when this photo was taken. The temptation to kidnap him and take him on tour with us was overwhelming.

That’s all for Part 1 of my Midwest Tour coverage. Will try and post up Part 2 in the not too distant future.


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