Catalina Classic

Yes, I know. I’ve been slacking on this website pretty hard. There are several reasons but none of them that good. That’s a big reason why I decided to take tons of photos at Catalina so I’d actually have something to post about.

The trip down to the island for the race was amazing. The weather was beautiful, people were friendly and it was Cinco de Mayo weekend. Unfortunately the racing was cut short for me after I got taken out in the first run but that’s not going to keep me from going back next year. Here is a collection of photos I snapped with my iPod over the four day trip.

Taking the ferry into Avalon.

Taking the ferry into Avalon.

Watch out for Mermaid-Cat.

These guys were jamming all weekend. First time I’ve ever seen a real mariachi band.

Rockstar Gnar Char

Tropical Travis

Shirley Temple

I really wish I bought these…

Dillon views life through instagram.

I think Bricin ended up buying the wind chimes.

Beach in downtown Avalon. Not too shabby.

View of the harbor from top of the race hill. Makes me wish I had a boat.

Pet cemetery on the bottom corner of the race course. Kinda cute but also spooky.

Poor kitty 😦

Awkward White Guys holding it down.

Elvis Presley

Clark Gable

John Wayne

Marylin Monroe

James Dean smokes filter first.

Flyer for event back in 1977.

Lurking by the water waiting on the ferry.


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