End of Summer Write-up.

I realize that I haven’t updated this blog in a while so I’m definitely long over due for an update. It appears that my last post was right after the Kelowna race. Oh man, lots of stuff has happened since then.

Somehow, in between the skating, biking and traveling I managed to graduate from college. This is a pretty big step for me but I am already back in school trying to get ready for Grad school. Not sure when I will get my diploma mailed to me but I guess I’m not in a rush to hang it on the wall anyway.

Not too long after Kelowna I went to the Ride the Giant freeride in Summerland, BC. Good lord is that a fun hill. Andrew at Rayne did a great job organizing the event and we got to skate Giant’s Head for three days. We showed up a day early for the freeride and got to help out with putting nets around the corners and making the “features.” After a full days work there was a banked corner, very sketchy shortcut and a kicker ramp. The hill is already super fun to skate so having obstacles like that was icing on the cake.

Banked corner on Giant's Head.

Soon after Giant’s Head I began organizing stuff for the Cathlamet Downhill Corral. Luckily, Judy and the other organizers had gotten a lot done so my work load was very manageable (aside from bucking hay bales). This year I thought it would be fun to include ramps on the downhill course. There were mixed reviews but I think that a lot of people were into it; even if they got bucked off the Mule Kicker. Thanks to Allison and Veronica I was able to skate the hill for the first time and compete in the race. Despite all the stress with organizing the race I managed to come in 8th place.

Graeme and I going through Carnage Corner.

Unkle Lee gets kicked and takes a couple other guys along for the ride.

Once all the skate races were done, my girlfriend (Sarah) and I went on a trip to Yellowstone to celebrate our one-year anniversary. I used to go to Yellowstone a lot when I was younger but it had been quite a few years since my last visit. Once in Montana we spent a day going to a ghost town called Bannock. It was kinda eerie/cool how well the town was preserved. This little town had the first jail in Montana and it was pretty small. After spending a day checking out the ghost town we drove into the Yellowstone park. We got to see deer, elk, and lots of buffalo’s. Went the checked out Old Faithful too. The next day we went through Craters of the Moon on the way back to Portland. It turns out they had caves that you could spelunk in (see top photo)! I was really glad that Sarah and I got to spend our anniversary doing something fun like that.

The gallows at Bannock.

Sarah and I and a whole bunch of steam.

Skating a path in Craters of the Moon.

Just a few days ago my good friend Deano organized another one of his uber-fun Maryhill freerides. Unfortunately I bruised my big toe a couple days before hand so skating was kinda tough. Luckily Dogeye helped out his fellow Pavement Princess and converted my mini into a g-mini. It’s got a great set of tires, disc brakes, and a nice little bell on it. After spending a good day bombing Maryhill on it I began to get the feeling for riding the g-mini. But the bike does seem kinda squirrelly in some ways. Probably because it’s made for a little kid. School started up for me on Monday so spending the weekend bombing one of my favorite hills was a great way to end the summer (minus the skin-infection that I got at Maryhill).

PP Squad Attack!

Phew! Now it’s time for school.


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