Long live JH

The end of an era. It was good while it lasted.

Not too long ago, a d.i.y. skate spot (that I took part in constructing) saw its early demise. While trying to assess where the next batch of conrete would go, I had a long conversation with a bum about guys who “shred on the guitar.” Later that night we laid down some more concrete and the next day I came back to see how the conrete was drying up. It all looked good except for the fact that somebody scrathed “Jimi Hendrix” in the transition of the jersey barrier. Eventually that got covered but the name carried over to the spot.

Occasionally I’d see a photo of people skating Jimi appear in random spots. Just the other day my friend Dogeye told me he saw it in the latest issue of Thrasher. Low and behold, there was a full page photo of Steve Reeves ripping it up. Although all the conrete is gone, the memory still lives on.

R.I.P. Jimi.


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